3 Ways to Improve Your Food Truck Menu

3 Ways to Improve Your Food Truck Menu

Menus on your food truck are one of your first connections to people, and one of your best tools to get a sale. They need to be attractive to your audience and leave a solid first impression. They need to show what you offer and answer questions before they’re asked. Menus are an essential part of food truck marketing.

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Here are 3 ways you can improve your food truck menu:

Use Descriptions -

Descriptions can be used to answer frequently asked questions so you don't get stuck answering a dozen questions while your fries burn. 

 Use descriptions in your food truck menus

Tell people if you have alternative dairy or wheat-free items, and inform them of ingredients for food allergy reasons.

You can increase the perceived value of the item with a description. Think “mushroom burger” vs. “mushroom burger - flame grilled chanterelles, Pepper jack cheese, on a sourdough bun” 

You can also use descriptions like this to upsell add-ons like, “add jalapeno + $1”

Keep it simple -

Not only will simpler food truck menus be easier to order, they’ll be easier to make. Not saying your food needs to be simple, but serving too much variety is overwhelming to both customers and you. 

using white space in your food truck marketing ideas

Design-wise, make sure to leave Margins around your text, The blank spaces help divide the text and make reading easier. avoid putting too close to the edges of the division boxes or the edge of the menu.

Use Text Hierarchy -

Describe your cuisine on the top of the menu, large enough to see from afar. Use pics, your logo, or just a big ol' “BBQ” pasted on the top. This needs to be the first thing people need to see.

Using text hierarchy to Market your food truck business

Divide your menu items into categories, things like Drinks, Burgers, and Breakfast Tacos. Make those categories stand out on your menu, and use large bold fonts that someone can read walking up. This is the best place to use those weird fonts, just make sure they're still legible.

Make your menu items and pricing a smaller font so that they fit. You want people to see the categories, get hooked, and walk closer to read more when they're interested.

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