Customer Stories

Oily Chica

A partner of a previous client asked me to illustrate something for her oil brand.


It's more of a mascot since it doesn't follow current logo design standards, but It does have some elements such as a limited color palette, and high visibility text. It'll be used on social media and some hole punched business cards that will be used for tags.

Tools Used:

Pencil and paper for sketch

Rendered in Adobe Illustrator


You want cute owls? I'll get you cute owls!


I was told three owls, each doing something different. also they needed to match these color schemes. you can see some of the revisions done before the final.

Tools Used:

Pencil and paper for sketch

Adobe Illustrator for rendering


A start-up that needed some swag for SXSW


Originally I was asked to design and print some t-shirts. I was asked to make a brochure, and that turned into stickers, socks, social media graphics and email blast headers.

The brochure was a 11x17" map. I designed the text portion, and rewrote bits and configured it to be easy to read.

"Get paid on your own schedule" was a explanation graphic that I worked with the marketing department to develop to be as simple explanation as possible.

Tools Used:

Mock-ups were made in Photoshop

Design Setups were done in Illustrator

Knight illustration was done in Illustrator


I created signage and menus for a couple food trucks.


I used to work in a point of sale startup a few years ago, I met with a lot of small mom and pop restaurants. I picked up on what makes an easy to understand menu.

Knowing what their needs were, I created a few image variations for their social media needs.

For Wanderlust I worked off their old image and just made it a flat vector.

Natti's asked for something that invoked a "Maine deli" appeal.

I also designed and dropshipped a diecut adhesive for their truck. The Mockup is pictured below.

Tools Used:

Adobe Illustrator

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