How to Advertise your Food Truck

How to Advertise your Food Truck

Advertising your food truck doesn’t need to be complicated. Advertising is just the action of drawing attention to your business. Here are ideas to keep in mind when deciding how to advertise your food truck business.
Hot Dog Food Truck

  1. Make your brand consistent 🐄🎉⭐ - This is making sure that everything matches. If everything matches and you have a consistent brand you’re gonna look organized, professional, and trustworthy. It shows that you care.  Use ONE logo, for a food truck keep it simple you don’t need a lot of variations. Make sure it’s the same on your truck as it is on your social media profiles. So if someone looks you up online they can find you easily. 

  2. Brand everything 🐄🐮🤠 - Your website, menus, social pages, signage, flags, business cards, gift cards, shirts, aprons, packaging, are all ways for you to build consistency. Take advantage of every opportunity to brand yourself, even if you don’t put your logo on it, use the colors from your logo to enforce your brand. Your logo is your visual name, repetition is also how you get people to remember you.

  3. Flash is Cash🚩🥳🎉 - That’s what event vendors say, if you’re at an event who do you think is going to get more attention, the plain white food truck or the colorful one with waving flags, huge signs and images to draw eyes? Invest in your image and your image will draw in traffic. Advertising collateral will start paying for itself right away (plus you can use it more than once!)

  4. Get in front of as many eyes as possible 👀🤩💵 - This is a huge one, in order for any of your branding efforts to work, you need eyes to see them. If you’re in a food truck park, use the road way to advertise. Portable signage, like flags, A frames, and lawn signs are all frequently used to draw in roadside traffic. Everyday that they’re out there they get seen by thousands of people, after a few trips you’ll be associated with that location, and be remembered.

  5. Remarketing 🎯💵🙌🏽- This is the concept of spending advertising efforts on people who have already purchaseHow to d. This is a big one, it costs less to advertise to a previous customer than a new one since you’ve already been vetted. Create opportunities for word-of-mouth advertising. Ask for social media shares, give away stickers, create a loyalty program.


how to advertise your food truck

These are a few concepts with some actionable steps you can take to advertise your food truck. Remember when it comes to marketing it’s a snowball effect, you add a little at a time, and bit by bit you have a full rolling brand that has an audience looking for more. 

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