Understanding Marketing for your Food Truck

Understanding Marketing for your Food Truck

Marketing is confusing word for something pretty simple. It's just telling someone you have something for sale. Food vending has been around since before the internet, before television, before radio, before the printing press, well actually even before everyone could read 😂. So it can't be that hard😅

We have all these new tools nowadays, but the concept is them same as its always been. Tell people that you have what they want and make it easy for potential customers to find you.

You tell someone you have something for sale, you show that you're trust worthy, and you make a trade. Since this is a business, you have to get good at doing this over and over again.

To make repetition easier the marketing process has been broken down into steps. There are series of stages, and you need to work on all of them, to create a customer funnel for marketing your food truck.
1. Exposure - This is getting in front of people at all, this is paid ads, online search engine listing, talking in groups, telling your friends to visit. Make yourself easy to see by decorating your exterior.
2. Nurturing - This is explaining your brand to the audience and leaving an idea of your value in their head. Try handing someone a business card, asking for a social media follow, sending an email or text, telling someone you serve food, being around other businesses.
3. Conversion - This is the actual sale, make it easier for the customer to buy from you. Create clear menus, a website with online ordering, get on delivery apps. Create a professional looking checkout process to build customer confidence and trust.
4. Remarketing - This is nurturing part 2, remind them of your value, (good food + your brand = repeat customers) Invite them to follow you, give them coupons, or a sticker to keep your brand fresh on their mind.

If you work on improving all of these points you'll create repeat customers and a steady flow of new ones. To keep your business growing you need to maintain your existing customers while continuously inviting new ones.

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